Swap Mech

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Swap Mech
Mech tele.png
Science swap.png
Swap places with a nearby tile.
Upgrade I
+1 Range: Extends range of the swap by 1 tile.
Upgrade II
+2 Range: Extends range of the swap by 2 tiles.
Icon flying.png Flying: Flying units can move over any terrain tile.

Swap Mech is a Science-class mech in Into the Breach.

Team[edit | edit source]

The mech is available as part of the Flame Behemoths squad.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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  • The Swap Mech is a very versatile Mech in general, seeming weak at first but its abilities can be vital in the late game.
  • Understanding the importance of postion is vital in using the Swap Mech, always look for ways of turning veks attacks against their own by swapping.
  • When using the Swap Mech, postion above tiles of environmental hazards such as water, lava, acid etc.
  • Upgrading the range of its Teleporter can give you a large advantage in late game.
  • When choosing targets of its Teleporter ability always check for the turn priority of the enemy.
  • Remember you can swap with allies as well, letting you eke out a few extra squares of movement.

Placing your previous Time Traveler in the Swap Mech has a few economical benefits. The Swap Mech is unlikely to gain XP, which doesn't affect a leveled-up Time Traveler. The Swap Mech also starts with 0 Power. Since your Time Traveler is likely to give +1 Mech Reactor, the Swap Mech can be used to power the Flame Shielding passive, while allowing the 2 starting Power of the Flame Mech to be used towards other benefits.

Strategy[edit | edit source]