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Grid Power is one of the Resources in Into the Breach.

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Power Grid[edit | edit source]

Grid Power is the source of energy that powers Mechs. This energy is distributed through a common Power Grid across the Corporate Islands. The Power Grid is reduced every time a Powered Building is damaged in combat. If the Power Grid is completely destroyed, there is no way to continue fighting the Vek. The only option is for all surviving pilots to breach into a different timeline to try again.

Grid Health[edit | edit source]

The Power Grid has a maximum of seven hit points before it is destroyed.

The Power Grid's health can be restored through several means:

Grid Defense[edit | edit source]

Grid Defense is the percentage chance that any building will resist damage. The Base Grid Defense is 15%.

Gaining Power.png Grid Power when the Power Grid is full permanently upgrades Grid Defense with an Overpower Bonus. The maximum Overpower bonus is +25%. The first five times the Power Grid is Overpowered, Grid Defense goes up by 2%. Grid Defense can be Overpowered 15 more times with a gain of 1% each time. The maximum Grid Defense with the maximum Overpower bonus is 40%.

Pilots can also add a bonus of +3 Grid Defense each if they have the corresponding skill. Increasing the maximum grid defense to 49%.