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Passives are pieces of mech equipment that confer a constant status effect without the need for activating them during an encounter. Since they don't need to be activated, they will work even when mech is submerged into Water, Lava, A.C.I.D. or affected by Smoke.

Some passives come with an upgrade or two, at the cost of additional Reactor Core usage. Upgrades are not purchased separately, they are included.

Note that powering Upgrade 1 is never a prerequisite for powering Upgrade 2.

List[edit | edit source]

Name Power Effect Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2
Passive flameimmune.png
Flame Shielding
(Power off small.png) All Mechs are immune to Fire.
Passive electric.png
Storm Generator
(Power off small.png) All Smoke deals damage to enemy units every turn.
+1 Damage (Power off small.png Power off small.png Power off small.png)
Increases Smoke damage by 1.
Passive leech.png
Viscera Nanobots
(Power off small.png) Mechs heal 1 damage when they deal a killing blow.
+1 Heal (Power off small.png Power off small.png Power off small.png)
Increase healing to 2.
Passive defenses.png
Networked Armor
(Power off small.png) All Mechs gain +1 HP.
+1 Health (Power off small.png Power off small.png)
Increases health bonus to 2.
Passive massrepair.png
Repair Field
(Power off small.png) Repairing one Mech will affect all Mechs.

(Includes disabled Mechs. Repairing a disabled Mech

will save the pilot.)

Passive autoshields.png
Free Buildings gain a Shield after taking damage.
Passive burrows.png
(Power off small.png) Mechs no longer take damage when blocking emerging Vek.
Passive psions.png
Psionic Receiver
(Power off small.png) Mechs use bonuses from Vek Psion.
Passive boosters.png
Kickoff Boosters
Free Mechs gain +1 move if they start their turn adjacent to each other.
+1 Movement (Power off small.png Power off small.png)
Movement bonus is increased by 1.
Passive medical.png
Medical Supplies
(Power off small.png) All Pilots survive death.
Passive friendlyfire.png
Vek Hormones
(Power off small.png) Enemies do +1 Damage against other enemies.
+1 Damage (Power off small.png)
Increases damage by 1.
+1 Damage (Power off small.png Power off small.png)
Increases damage by 1.
Passive forceamp.png
Force Amp
(Power off small.png) All Vek take +1 damage from Bumps and blocking emerging Vek.
Passive ammo.png
Ammo Generator
(Power off small.png) +1 Use to all Limited Use Weapons.
Passive critdefense.png
Critical Shields
(Power off small.png) If Power Grid is reduced to 1, all buildings gain a Shield.