Needle Shot

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The Needle Shot is one of the weapons in the game Into the Breach, it is the starting weapon of Techno-Hornet.

Class[edit | edit source]

Cyborg (only obtainable as starting weapon)

Weapon Tier[edit | edit source]

Tier C.

Needle Shot is quite comparable to Burst Beam. It is specifically strong on dealing with Alpha Burrower as it penetrates the obstacle and deal exactly 4 damage (3 + 1 collision). Needle Shot suffers from two major flaws. First, its starting damage is too low and it is mandatory for players to invest reactor cores into it in early game. And the second, which makes things worse, is that it's very expensive to upgrade. Burst Beam starts with 3 damage and only requires 3 cores to reach maximum damage. On the contrary, Needle Shot requires 5 cores to reach maximum damage and its starting damage is only 1.