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Blobber1 sprite.png
Enemy blobber1.png
Unstable Growths
Throw a sticky blob that will explode.

Blobber is one of the Vek from Into The Breach.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Blobber itself does not attack. However, its Unstable Growths system launches Blobs, which explode and deal 1 damage to each tile surrounding them if they are not killed.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

These vek are annoying, as the blobs can divert you from the blobber, so that you don't get an opportunity to kill it. Try to kill it when you can, but don't prioritize it over other vek. Silica would have the most chance of killing them both, if she happens to be lined up correctly.

While deploying your mechs, keep in mind that the blobber will try to shoot his blob in explosion range of as many targets as possible (then as many buildings/mission targets as possible). You may be able to trick the blobber into shooting at a space between several mechs, for example, freeing you from having to destroy or move the blob.