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Types[edit | edit source]

There are several types of attack in Into the Breach. Usually they must be in targeted in cardinal directions from the unit attacking.

  • Melee: target immediately adjacent tile(s).
  • Beam: target all tiles in a line, until hitting a Grid Building, Mountain or Super Volcano. Beam attacks can deal damage that changes over distance (applying at least 1 damage) or apply other effects such as Fire, Freeze or pushing all affected targets.
  • Projectile: shoot in a straight line, hitting the nearest non-empty tile.
  • Artillery: target any one (sometimes two) tile in a line. Shell flies over high objects in an arc, but cannot target the tiles immediately adjacent. Enemy artillery attacks usually have a limited range of 5 tiles.
  • Dash: move in a straight line towards target. Usually combined with pushing the object on target tile.
  • Fly Over: move your unit over, targeting units under your trajectory.
  • Free Aim: target any tile(s) on the battlefield. This type of attacks is usually limited to Support Structures and certain limited-use weapons.

Additional effects[edit | edit source]

Attacks can also have one or multiple additional effects:

  • Pushing or pulling the target(s) in a cardinal direction (doesn't apply to immovable objects such as Grid Building or Vek with Stable trait.
  • Throwing the target.
  • Swapping positions with the target.
  • Applying Fire, Freeze, A.C.I.D., Smoke or Shield.
  • Damaging self.
  • Flipping target's attack direction (doesn't work on multi-directional attacks).